Kasa Software is designed for the year 2020 in the sector and shows its promotion as a company related to filament products. In particular, developing filament production is at the service of leading companies and foreign customers of Kasa Yazılım.


Kasa Software provides competent service with quality, customer and completed business plan.


Our products; It is developed professionally, passed through certification processes and prepared in accordance with quality standards.


Our Mission


Kasa Yazilim is to be in an innovation day by day, to continue on the path of progress and to continue the progress that aims to grow. With unconditional quality, Kasa Yazılım has always taken a task for itself. By not improving the environment, their production is perfect in this way and this whole warranty is reviewed with all the necessary certificates.


Our Vision


To make the success permanent as the pioneer of the filament industry, an example in service and the first choice company. It is always in the best condition, in the best condition and in the shortest time, for new, high quality and reliable use.


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